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One of the most difficult aspects of Robert’s job as a broker is researching contacts and the properties associated with them. 


Robert has a wide network of clients looking to buy property with various requirements. He invests a lot of time looking for sales and lease information to find the parties involved in each sale. 


“There are tools available that come with a steep cost like CoStar where you can find sales and lease information and filter searches by ownership or parties involved,” explains Robert. 


“However, there is no tool readily available to search accurately with the layers FuseGIS provides such as owner, zoning, and floodplain across multiple jurisdictions across an MSA.”


FuseGIS is a software that fulfils Roberts needs, for a much more affordable price. In this case study, we’ll show you how Robert uses FuseGIS to find properties for his clients more effectively.


As a broker, Robert offers value to his clients by finding valuable off-market deals. He strives to find several new leads per day to pass along to his clients. 


It’s a hot market right now and on-market listings are often overpriced and overbid, so when Robert finds an off-market lead his clients are thrilled. If he can find these leads on a regular basis he will close more deals, scoring equity returns for the client and a handsome commission for himself. 


But these leads are not always easy to find. 


“This is a time consuming task and it is difficult to put in a lot of research time when my phone is ringing constantly from my clients, prospects I contact, or a party in a current deal I’m working,” explains Robert.   


“I usually get only an hour a day to look for new prospects and usually can only focus on one client and one area to find leads before the next phone call comes in.”


This time, Robert was faced with the challenge of looking for industrial properties in the city of Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Manor. 


Normally, he would have to use four separate GIS systems to search in these cities. He would have to manually search by eye, cross referencing them with tax plat maps from both Travis and Williamson counties. 


Robert would then have to create his own excel spreadsheet, which would take hours.


Thanks to the well-designed, useful features of FuseGIS, Robert was able to make these searches in a fraction of the time. 


He used the Filter Tool to narrow down the results to the four cities of Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Manor. He also specified that the results should show the following Zoning Districts:

  • Austin: Limited Industrial Services (LI), Industrial Park (IP), Major Industry (MI), Warehouse/Limited Office (W/LO)

  • Round Rock: Light Industrial (LI), Industrial (I), Mining (MI)

  • Pflugerville: Campus Industrial (CI), Light Industrial (LI), General Industrial (GI)

  • Manor: Light Industrial (IN-1), Heavy Industrial (IN-2)

When Robert made this search, he got 3,125 hits!


“Then, I narrowed it even further based on my client wanting a property in the Opportunity Zone and outside of the FEMA floodplain,” explains Robert.

“This narrowed it down by 94% to 194 properties, which is a much more manageable number.  All my results are listed in a table and I can click on any one of them to get to the property of interest shown on the map.”

The information revealed that Round Rock didn’t have any opportunity zone properties that were zoned industrial, and that Manor only had one improved property (located just off US 290). However, Robert found a concentration of properties in Pflugerville at Dessau Business Park - an excellent lead.


He was also able to see Samsung’s semiconductor campus which is the site of a $17B expansion, as well as a large concentration of properties around the airport along the SH 71, US 183 and SH 130 corridors.


“The filter tool then even let me go further by filtering based on the Owner Name,” explains Robert.

“I found Agellan Commercial REIT owned several improved properties in the Southpark area and there are some development tracts available at Velocity Crossing where HEB purchased a site. After adding those two owners to the filter tool, I now have six properties to go after with two owners.”

Since Velocity Crossing is publicly listed, it was easy for Robert to find the relevant contact information. The contact information of the right person at Agellan Commercial REIT was an easy Google search away, as many REITs publish their corporate finances and leadership names for SEC purposes.

“I reached out to both and got the info to provide to my client that same day my client reported what he wanted to buy. He was extremely impressed at how quickly I provided him this info,” says Robert.

“Sadly, Agellan Commercial didn’t want to sell at this time and Velocity Crossing pricing was above what my client could afford.”


But that didn’t stop Robert. He used FuseGIS again to work on Dessau Business Park and several other filtered areas, and it was a success!

“We found a property he liked, I approached the owner for this off-market property, and have it under contract!  My client requested I keep the deal confidential, a common request in the Texas brokerage world,” says Robert.

The speed and consistency of FuseGIS is an incredible advantage for brokers like Robert. With this software, data from various websites and PDFs is displayed in one place and normalized. 


FuseGIS has dozens of layers of data available, so you can adjust the settings so they are unique to your needs. It’s easy to search and filter data by toggling layers on and off, as well as search for specific properties to help with research. You can even dig deeper by looking at property tax and zoning information, or flood plains and construction permits. 


FuseGIS even includes links to specific government websites and regulations, so that users can find exactly the information they are looking for. By reducing search time, it will have a huge impact on your bottom line.


By using FuseGIS, Robert was able to quickly find the perfect property for his client, a deal that he would have otherwise missed out on. By streamlining the process of finding leads and property information, FuseGIS helped Robert find this incredibly valuable lead in only one hour.

“If we close this deal, I will make $50,000 commission and only had to spend 30 minutes procuring the lead using FuseGIS and another 30 minutes using the owner information provided by the link in FuseGIS to track down the contact info of the owner,” Robert explains.

“Without it, I would have spent hours over the course of a few weeks as I only have an hour a day to do this work, and probably would have had this opportunity fall through.”


Would you like to learn more about how FuseGIS can help you save time and do more accurate appraisals? 

Visit our website for more info at, or email us at You can also try FuseGIS for yourself with a 30 day risk-free trial at

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